NEWS RELEASE: Butte Strong Fund issues large grant for Camp Fire septic repair and replacement


David Little, executive vice president, North Valley Community Foundation. Email:, 530-891-1150, ext. 300.




The Butte Strong Fund has approved an $875,000 grant to reduce the cost of septic system repair and replacement for homeowners rebuilding in the Camp Fire area.

The grant was issued to the Rebuild Paradise Foundation, which has been working for months to help Camp Fire survivors navigate hurdles to the rebuilding process.

A significant barrier for many has been the cost of replacing a septic system. Paradise does not have a sewer system. The grant will provide up to $7,500 depending on income level for septic repair or replacement. The Rebuild Paradise Foundation program will target those who do not meet the criteria for funding from Butte County and the town.

Residents can learn more about the program, whether they qualify and how to apply at

“The Rebuild Paradise Foundation is proud to work with NVCF and the Butte Strong Fund to support one of the major pre-construction hurdles households face rebuilding after the Camp Fire,” said Charles Brooks, executive director of the Rebuild Paradise Foundation. “We recognized the need for septic infrastructure relief through our work with disaster-affected residents and in collaboration with the town of Paradise and Butte County.

“Major septic system component failures are estimated above 40% for fire-affected properties. The Rebuild Paradise Foundation has been developing this program and working with partners like the Butte Strong Fund and American Red Cross for several months. In conjunction with these strong partnerships, we continue our work to support the long-term recovery of our community.”

It is estimated the grant will help more than 200 families in the rebuilding process. About 14,000 homes burned in the Camp Fire on Nov. 8, 2018. In the nearly two years since, the town of Paradise has issued 403 certificates of occupancy for rebuilt homes.

The grant serves the entire Camp Fire footprint and targets what the Rebuild Paradise Foundation calls the “missing middle” – low-income to lower-middle-class households. At least 75% of the grant funding must go to fire survivors looking to rebuild.

“We want to incentivize new residents along with those looking to rebuild,” said Brooks. “Bringing rooftops back to the community -- whether that be previous homeowners, previous renters now building or a household completely new to the area -- all will contribute to supporting the long-term recovery and economic development of the community.”

With the latest grants, the North Valley Community Foundation has awarded more than $36 million for community recovery via the Butte Strong Fund, Camp Fire Relief Fund and donor-designated funds.

Other recent grants awarded include:

  • Paradise Hope Center: A grant of $24,985 will help the Hope Center maintain donations and services for the current needs to the community. The grant will support costs of utilities and other operating expenses for a year.
  • EveryBody Healthy Body: A $25,000 grant will fund the organization’s Recreation and Play Voucher Program. EveryBody Healthy Body’s overall goal is to help 400-500 children get involved in some type of play or recreation. This grant will allow 100 kids the opportunity to participate in a community recreation program or an opportunity through an equipment voucher to start participating at home.
  • Camp Fire Restoration Project: A $25,000 grant will allow the organization to engage with community partners and work toward environmental restoration and Camp Fire recovery. The group also plans to hold two events that educate the community on how to restore and protect their properties in each season.


The Butte Strong Fund is a partnership of fundraising efforts led by NVCF, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. and Aaron Rodgers, the Green Bay Packers quarterback and Chico native.

Organizations interested in applying for Butte Strong Fund grants can visit to determine if they qualify for funding