$250,000 Butte Strong Fund grant will help volunteer home-building effort in Camp Fire area


David Little, executive vice president, North Valley Community Foundation. Email:, 530-891-1150, ext. 300.




The Butte Strong Fund has approved a $250,000 grant to help build a dormitory for volunteers who want to travel to the Paradise ridge area to rebuild homes in the aftermath of the Camp Fire.

An established program called Volunteers Rebuilding Our Community, run by the Hope Crisis Response Network, would like to build homes in Paradise for the next seven to 10 years. Organizers estimate they will build 160 homes in that time. The network of volunteers come from out of the area, however, and temporary places to stay are at a premium in Butte County.

Paradise Alliance Church and the Hope Crisis Response Network have developed plans for a building of up to 12,000 square feet with separate sleeping quarters for men and women. The entire project will cost about $650,000. Organizers hope to complete the project by next spring.

The Hope Crisis Response Network expects to average 40 volunteers a week for 45 weeks each year, totaling 1,800 volunteers per year. The nonprofit organization also will host single-day volunteer events at least six times a year.

The organization will work with the Camp Fire Collaborative and case managers to determine home recipients. Priority will be given to low-income families, senior citizens, disabled clients, single-parent families and veterans.

The North Valley Community Foundation has awarded more than $35 million for community recovery via the Butte Strong Fund, Camp Fire Relief Fund and donor-designated funds.

That includes $14.3 million for direct assistance, $7 million for housing, $6 million for health and wellness, $4 million for education, $2.9 million for community development and $1.3 million for economic recovery.

The Butte Strong Fund is a partnership of fundraising efforts led by NVCF, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. and Aaron Rodgers, the Green Bay Packers quarterback and Chico native.

Organizations interested in applying for Butte Strong Fund grants can visit to determine if they qualify for funding.