How to Apply

Who's Eligible and How to Apply

To be eligible to request funding, an organization must clearly show the direct benefit to Butte County community members impacted by the Camp Fire that will be achieved through their project or program and clearly demonstrate the relationship with the key area of work that the request is being submitted under. See grant inquiry eligibility criteria below.

Step 1. Grant Inquiry: To predetermine eligibility, the representative for the applying organization will create an account in the grant system and apply to the appropriate program (See Currently Active Programs below). Inquiries will be evaluated and responded to within 30 days, and if the proposal fits Butte Strong Fund priorities and guidelines, you will be invited to submit a more detailed application.

Step 2. Full Application: Those who are invited to apply will be asked to provide more details to the proposal submitted in the inquiry stage. This will include a detailed program/project budget as well as specific, measurable outcomes the proposal seeks to address.

If you are applying to the Butte Strong Fund - Capacity Building grant program, there is no grant inquiry. Simply select Butte Strong Fund - Capacity Building Grant Program below and apply to that program from the Grant Portal.

Please note: The Butte Strong Fund does not have a direct assistance program. Individuals are not eligible for direct funding. Funding is provided only to eligible organizations that are directly serving people displaced by the Camp Fire. We rely on the collective capacity of our partner organizations to most effectively and directly give the necessary assistance to those displaced by the Camp Fire.

North Valley Community Foundation administers the Butte Strong Fund.



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Butte Strong Fund - Capacity Building Grant Program

Butte Strong Fund - Community Development Grant Program (Applications closed for 2020)

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