Who's Eligible and How to Apply

The Butte Strong Fund grant program is designated to support organizations that are providing direct relief to those affected by the Camp Fire in one of the six areas of work. To be eligible to request funding, an organization must clearly show the direct benefit to those displaced by the Camp Fire that will be achieved through their project. The request also must clearly demonstrate the relationship with the key area of work that the request is being submitted under.

Please note: The Butte Strong Fund does not have a direct assistance program. Individuals are not eligible for direct funding. Funding is provided only to eligible organizations that are directly serving people displaced by the Camp Fire. NVCF maintains a list of direct assistance programs on its website at www.nvcf.org.

The application process consists of two initial steps.  First, applicants need to verify that they are eligible to submit a request by completing the brief questionnaire to determine eligibility and then a letter of intent needs to be submitted. Requirements for letter intent will be provided on the application when it is made available.  An independent committee will review the letter of intent and notify the applicant of a request for proposal, a request for additional information, or a denial of the proposed project or program.

The Butte Strong Fund grant program will open in the coming weeks. Looks for materials announcing its start in the local media, on social media, or by signing up for The Butte Strong Fund newsletter.

Contact Information

Logan Todd
NVCF Director of Grants
Email: ltodd@nvcf.org